306 xtdt - Electrical probs,, Advice pls? :)
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    Icon5 306 xtdt - Electrical probs,, Advice pls? :)

    306 xtdt - Electrical probs,, Advice pls? :)-pug1.jpg306 xtdt - Electrical probs,, Advice pls? :)-pug2.jpg
    Gday.... Just thought I'd get some opinions on my 306 xtdt (1995)..


    Have had an electrical problem that has gotten worse over time,, started with Front power windows slowing down, then stopping all together (still a click but no movement). Then the Air Con went, followed by the fan. Lastly the central locking (only works from passenger side) and now passenger rear window.. Lol,, I'm down to one window!

    Had a check of all fuses, and cleaned up terminals for battery. Pulled relays and found that a brown relay had been removed and plugged into a green terminal (green one missing presumed dead). The brown relay was fried, visible damage.. Guessing prev owner switched brown into green for temp fix and over time it burnt out? 2nd pic shows how I found it when I opened up the fuse area

    Anyone got a pic of their relay setup I can look at? Nothing in my manual.. And what do each of the relays do?

    Any advice appreciated,,

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    You should be able to find diagrams online easy enough, but it's specific to the vehicle model, year, and most likely spec as well. The array of fuses on my 2000 GTi6 looks similar to yours, but the relays are completely different. Where you have the brown and missing green relays I have empty space, and where you have three relays along the top I have about 6 or 7.
    2000 306 GTi6 'Josie'

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