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I took the existing metal solid pipe off and took it to a telfon braided hose place (cant remember the name) they make braided hoses for boilers and mine works etc all heavy duty anyway cost me $140 all up.

At a guess as I cant remember now it may of been about 5inch longer than the solid pipe, the blanking plugs you just need two they are about $4bucks each you need to get them from a Peugeot rcz 2012 onwards one is on the back of the head to the left (when looing from the front of car) and it leads around to the right of the block they just twist and turn to come out.

You will need a oil catch can for the other hose that goes to the turbo inlet hose and from the passenger side of the rocker cover just feed them into a oil catch can and all is good

here is a picture of my set up...


Off topic but did you block rear pcv as well as add catch can to front?