Hi Folks,

just had my D9 2.0 406 serviced by Prestige Quality Automotive Maintenance in Chatswood yesterday and wanted to give Morry and Pierre a plug. This car (like my older 504) started life as a 'station car', that is one that I really did not care about. Six years later, and a spray job I feel very differently, however the latest timing belt service was rather a lot more than i expected. Turned out that the harmonic balancer had a perished ring, so we ordered a new part only to find that Peugeot has no longer makes the right part for the 406 and so we needed to use a GTI-6 part that is a Factory upgrade.

Long story short, but Morry and Pierre persisted at length to not only source this part, but then needed to make some other modifications to the car to get it to fit. They fettled the front suspension (that turned out to be broken front sway bar link bushes), tuned it, adjusted everything, replaced all the fluids, and basically made it run as good as a new car. I was shocked by how well the car now runs. At 151,700klms, there is not a rattle anywhere, and its goes like a train (its the 5spd manual). Despite the fact this bill was 'tall' as Morry referred to it as, I did walk away with a spring in my step knowing we've kept a great car going for a lot longer.

My next plan for the car will be to replace the shocks, in time and I'd be interested in hearing how or if anyone has gone with Bilsteins. Other than that, it'll be a good wax job, and a new lion badge for the boot. Reckon I should comfortably get another 10 years out of this car yet. Morry tells me it's just wearing in, and judging by a mate's 405 that has just clicked over 1,000,000klms, I suspect there's a lot of life left in her yet.


If you need anything at all done to your Pug, go and see Morry and Pierre, they're second to none!!