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Thread: New luxury car owner, helped needed for Timing Belt service- 407 v6

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    Quote Originally Posted by 68 404 View Post
    The Peugeot petrol V6 engines like to leak oil from the rear bank of cylinders. It's just the lousy sealant that Peugeot used at the factory. Once it is replaced with something better it shouldn't leak again. It is not a huge job for a Peugeot mechanic who knows what they are doing. The head doesn't even have to come off 18-21 hours? Run from that mechanic Laura, run.

    The timing belt. Hmm, you are looking about $1000 for that, which should include the belt, the tensioner, the water pump, cam seals etc. All are easily accessed and replaced when the belt is changed. You may find the power steering fluid is leaking from a hose rather than something more major. The mechanic doing the timing belt should be able to advise you.

    Don't go to a regular mechanic, go to a Peugeot independent specialist. Drop it off and get the train/tram to work that day. It is worth seeking them out.


    fyg -This info re cost of timing belt seems to be just about on the money (maybe a little cheaper) with the quote I just got. Research saying something between 1000 and 1200 bucks is reasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexMurphy View Post
    Fellow Froggers

    Had My 308 HDI 2L DW10BTED Timing Belt Replaced at Europarts Recently, on Mileage(last January). I've been using Europarts for Quite a sometime. Not only they know what they're doing, very modest pricing. Upfront about things. Ex Dealer Technician working for them now, Knowledge second to non Especially about late Models.

    I think It is good to get a Major service like Timing Belt Replacement done by someone experienced enough, as a simple mistake can cause severe engine damage. Even a worn drive belt can get wrapped around the harmonic balancer and cause severe damage. That's what happened to my Previous 307.Prevention is better than cure.With V6 Engines someone needs to be even more careful as job the is a bit tricky and complicated than a 4 cylinder one. Exceeding timing belt change limit for too long can be a costly experience, as timing belts can give way after the service limit.
    That's a capital idea!

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    As my car is currently off the road with other "Refusal to proceed" issues I thought I'd weigh in regarding timing belt change. The dealership where my car is parked for the duration told me the cost of parts for timing belt change is in the vicinity of $1500, then add on the labour charges, making this not a cheap option. Repco quoted me $1040.00 for either a Dayco or a Gates kit, I don't recall which it was.
    Eziautoparts in Melbourne have a price of $569.10 (Including GST) RRP: $897.45 Our price : You save: $328.35 (37%), this is for a Dayco kit, part # KTB560E.

    Aftermarket & Online Car Parts | Vehicle Spare Parts - Search results

    At this price I am assuming it does not include a water pump, but then I don't know if the Peugeot dealer price of $1500.00 includes a water pump either, does anyone know if it does and is it a requirement to change the water pump?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod Hagen View Post
    I'd check the price of replacement out with Spencer St Automobiles in the city. Excellent mechanic & straightforward, honest, dealer IMHO. But whatever you do, get it changed! Spent $2500 on repairs when one gave way at a mere 40,000k on a "dealer serviced" 406 a year or so back!
    Don't usually do this, but I will vote down these guys. They made a complete disaster of a clutch change in my Laguna - I had to pull the gearbox back out to redo the work in my drive and it cost me about $400 in parts that they broke. They smashed the drveshafts out with a big hammer, tore CV boots, left a filthy mess everywhere and refused to refund. Undertray fell off on the road when I drove it home... I was furious.
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    I'm a first time user & have been fumbling my way around, I think I'm getting to understand how these things work.

    Thanks Dave, I too am having to face these same issues and have found the answers you got helpful. I will be calling a pug/citrean mechanic to have another look at it for me. Apparently, so I am told with mine it is the 'Variable Valve Timing seal' (VVT). Any comments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by addo View Post
    I took my Smurf to Eurosmurf for a service. They fixed up his Saggy Cap and re-blued his Skin. I even got a loan Gnome overnight! I'd recommend them to anyone smurfing the web and looking for a blue!

    Does your Smurf use 'AdBlue' ? I believe this is the correct blue!



    man that's an old post !
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