604 Gearbox change
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    604 Gearbox change


    I have a 604 *again*. Cant seem to escape the 604's

    But anyhow, it's got a stuffed box, abused by it's last owner *the poor old thing* rescued it from a near death !
    Although it's all in order the gearbox is stuffed...I have another re-built Trimatic out of another 604, the question is, how hard are these boxes to change ? can I do it myself, or should I pay to have it done ?



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    pretty easy to do but you will need a gearbox lift to lift the box in and out of the car as they are heavier than a manual box
    manual boxes can be easily done as a one man job
    you will need to drop the engine down about 2" which is esy enough done with threaded bar or longer bolts for the cross member
    unbolt the diff and drop it down and back onto another jack so it's not hanging on the 1/2 shafts
    while you have the box out just eye ball any seals that are normally not visible and replace while you have the chance
    easier to do while you have the box out rether than having to do it all again at a later stage
    you can leave the torque tube attached to the diff but make a bracket to hold it up
    you will see 2 bolts near the front of the tube under the car that you can use for the bracket
    if you have any major dramas just email me
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