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Thread: Running a 504 Ti with different altimeter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Tippett View Post
    Ok they are on Dropbox now, so those of you who want access, send me a private message with your email address and I will give you access to the documents.
    I thought I'd post some pictures of the altimeter and the injection system, (slightly dismantled!) and try (I'm learning as I go here) explain how I think the altimeter effects the diaphragm so as to move one aspect of the fuel leaning / enriching mechanism.

    Please correct me where I am wrong, as I am looking for help and advice as much as anything else. (Mike T, thank you for the manuals, they have helped me get my engine running semi decent)

    I am going to show some pictures of the altimeter and top end of the pump in an attempt to get help on understanding the system. (I'll try my explanation, but as a novice, it's likely to be wonky, but I hope the pictures may help.

    The pictures of this altimeter show a brand new unit, obviously it has not been matched to a car, but shows how they left the factory, if that gives anyone a starting reference point for their experiments

    Running a 504 Ti with different altimeter.-screen-shot-2017-11-28-11.41.35-am.jpg

    I think that in high altitude, the 'bellows' will extend, pushing the slide, and allowing the pump to suck more air into the membrane mechanism at the top of the pump.

    Conversely, sea level will compress the 'bellows' and the slide will start to cover the air hole, reducing the air flow to the top of the pump.

    Running a 504 Ti with different altimeter.-screen-shot-2017-11-28-11.32.36-am.jpg

    This is the mechanism (bell / dome) that moves up and down relative to the control of the altimeter. The ball bearing makes contact with the vertical shaft in the pump.

    The manifold sucks air and depending on the amount of air that the altimeter 'allows' to flow, the arms with the ball bearing at the end will move up or down, changing one aspect of the fuel mixture. (remember, I'm not an expert!)

    Running a 504 Ti with different altimeter.-screen-shot-2017-11-28-11.33.25-am.jpg

    This pic might show the way the arm and the lever in the pump interoperate.
    Suction from the manifold raises the ball bearing arm (it goes upwards the more suction that there is?)
    The less manifold suction, the lower that the ball bearing arm goes in to the pump housing (I think!)

    The raising and lowering of this 'arm' will decrease or increase the volume / richness? of petrol that the pump delivers.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Running a 504 Ti with different altimeter.-screen-shot-2017-11-28-11.32.25-am.jpg

    This shows a pen moving the lever against a spring that is inside the distribution of fuel box

    Anyway, any clarification gratefully welcomed!


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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGRR View Post
    If you want the slightly understandable English version switch on closed captions and use auto-translate

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