206GTi "buzzing" noise when cold
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    Icon6 206GTi "buzzing" noise when cold

    I'm a new member of the French Mafia, having bought a Diablo Red 206GTi in August 2003. I absolutely adore my little guy who is affectionately referred to as "Pugsley". For $33000 on the road - and after having test driven the hot versions of the Clio, Focus, Impreza, Corolla (oh my), Astra (yuck!) & Mini - I simply had to have one. I'm stoked, and find it hard to wipe the grin off my face after a good hard drive up McCarr's Creek Road or down through Kangaroo Valley and across to Berry.

    I think I have a probem though, in the form of what can best be described as a "buzzing" noise from under the bonnet that starts about 15 seconds after a cold start. The noise is evident under moderate acceleration/load up until normal operating temps are reached.


    I've found an article on PeugeotTech which mentions an issue with pipes in the exhaust manifold. My dealer suggested it might be "purge valve noise", but they claimed they've never noticed it - even when puglsey went in for his first service.

    My father, an ex-Ford mechanic, reassures me it is nothing majorly mechanical. But I'm still a little concerned. Have any other 206GTi owners noticed a similar noise? Help!

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    Two possibilities ...

    1. At 2800 RPM it's the engine cover buzz. How to Fix

    2. It's manifold rattle where the 4 down pipes meet as one. Known issue, usually takes 10-40,000kms to show, dealer will fix.

    Other then that I don't know.

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