Idle control stepper motor
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    Idle control stepper motor

    Yes another question. To refresh peoples memories, my car is idling funny, revs drop below 500rpm when pressing on clutch (changing gears slowing down), sometimes cutting out. Also once it was idling at 2000rpm. I cleaned the Idle control stepper motor which sort of fixed the problem for a bit but now its back. How do i check to see if the motor is working?
    what would happen if i pull this unit out of the throttle body and start the car? wouldi t idle at say 7000rpm?! or just keep on stalling? are there any side effects of running the engine with the stepper motor pulled out?
    can i pull the motor out and say connect some sort of current to it to test it?
    could i test to see if there is a current going through the wires to the stepper motor assuming thats how it works, being a motor i thought it would but it has 4 wires.
    Any help/ideas greatly appreciated


    and its from a 98 306 Xsi

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    If it has the Magneti Marelli 8P system on it then the following test will check the idle valve.
    With the ignition turned off remove the plug from the idle valve, using an ohm meter connect across the two outside pins of the valve it should read 53 to 55 ohms. Then connect across the two inner pins and this should also give you 53 to 55 ohms.
    This will at least check the valve.
    Hope this helps.


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