Thank you Goodwins...of Cessnock
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    Default Thank you Goodwins...of Cessnock

    Thank you Goodwins of Cessnock…

    Over the last 2 years or so, my 1978 Manual, Petrol, 504 sedan has been taken back to bare metal, repainted, motor overhauled, suspension renewed etc.

    Terry Chew managed the bodywork and respray. Parts came from the UK, France and Australia.


    With 738,000 kms completed, build quality, finish and on road tightness was better than when new.
    The Goodwins replaced: front and rear new Peugeot shock absorbers; all suspension rubbers; overhauled the motor including a new square port head…

    Ride quality has been improved, handling is impressive and at 5,000kms the motor is freeing up nicely.

    This is a project which has taken over 5 years to obtain the parts and plan. 12 months wait to slot into a panel beater who was up to it and then all the finishing touches required were provided by the Goodwins.

    Patience, a long time and deep pockets were required.

    Rally, Pugnut1, Richo, Graham Wallis, David Cavanagh, Lewin Patridge, Dean Hunter, Roland Pym, were amongst some of the people who made the job possible with parts, assistance and advice. Aussiefrogs is a powerful group.


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    Pictures of 504?
    Present fleet:-
    Peugeot 93' 205 Gti 16v
    Peugeot 73' 504 Ti from new
    Peugeot 08' 407 Hdi Coupe from new

    Previous fleet:-
    Peugeot 95' 605 Sv
    Peugeot 92' 205 Gti
    Renault 72' 16TS from new
    Renault 69' 10
    Renault 71' 10s
    Renault 68' 10 from new

    "Be reasonable do it my way!"

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    Yes Pics please.

    Goodwins are good people.

    Lots of time for Goodwins, they know the stuff about most older and newer pugs and are very helpful to genuine Peugeot nuts.

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    I don't think one can have a quick discussion there; it's a relaxed but steady pace from another era. Great return drive from Sydney if you go via Wollombi as well. Steve's keenly following a four year project of mine.

    Dean Hunter (junior) is a great help too; have bought a few bits of unobtanium from him.

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