205 GTI washer bottle neck
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    Icon4 205 GTI washer bottle neck

    I'm a new member to Aussie frogs and to the forum

    I am writing to enquire about a part i need for my series 3 1992 205 Gti.
    My window washer reservoir is a “bladder” type unit that is fitted behind the Right hand headlight. After a recent service I discovered a couple of weeks later that the filler neck attached to it has fallen off and been lost leaving an open hole to the bladder tank.

    I’m pretty sure "bladder" style tank is not a standard part as most photos I’ve seen the PUG has a water washer hard plastic container on the left hand side under the hood. My PUG has had an Mi16 conversion done by a past owner. Which I believe was done in Brisbane.

    I would like to see if this bladder water tank with neck is a common part and available to purchase anywhere.

    I’ve attached a photo of the bladder tank as described above and also an engine bay pic showing where the air filter is now where the standard washer tank was. The neck was around 15cm long and screwed into this tank. But gone now, still bouncing down a road somewhere!

    Also a photo where you can see the missing old water filler neck in the bottom left corner.

    Any advice appreciated on a replacement neck part or if this is common to 205GTI's with an Mi16 conversion.


    205 GTI washer bottle neck-bladder.jpg
    205 GTI washer bottle neck-bayb.jpg205 GTI washer bottle neck-img_3423.jpg.

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