Hello all,
I am In the middle of reconditioning my 505 SRD engine, and i have come accross a few problems. I ordered all the parts, and the rear main(rope type) seal was atleast 2 times bigger than the grove it is supposed to sit in.
Everyone i ask says that there is only one seal for that engine, and there aren't any other options. A number of other things are supposedly different to what they should be.
It is supposed to be a 2.3 in it. But i beginning to think it isn't the original engine in it, it was evident that it had been apart before also. Maybe it is a 2.5 block???? Do these have a smaller rope seal????? The Timing Sprockets are different from everything we can find in the manual for an xd2s aswell. I would like to know what i have got on my hands so i can hope to get the right parts.
If anyone can help i would be very greatful.