I thought i would feed back how i dealt with this in case it helps others. To help me to get it apart i found this very helpful from youtube -

Key Barrel, Stalks, Steering Wheel and Clock Spring Removal - YouTube

Additional info - on the later cars they have these funny plugs with a diagonal slide arrangement for locking in place that i haven't seen before. You will see a red tab and you just need to slide that at right angles to the way you are trying to pull the plug and it will slide it loose. Often plugs are tight so i quite like these.


Also my key was jammed in the on position so i couldn't do the last step of rotating the key and then pushing down the tab to slide out. I didn't think i had a lot of options, so i ground and sharpened a small cold chisel and the metal of that tab is quite soft and i knocked it off easily. It is still held in place by the grub screw and i am sure that this tab is some sort of security thing - surely no thief would go to that much trouble to bother and would just drill it or something!

Then i have said in another thread but will consolidate here - got switch wiring off a 306 and had different plugs and even slightly different plastic body, but took a risk because the rotating part looked the same and bought from wrecker. I clipped off the plastic cover and put the round moving part in - checked with multimeter and all works perfectly. And instantly noticeable was that the A/C was fixed. Ran around last few days and hasn't missed a beat. I have a new problem though that i will put in another thread.