French cars at Tasmanian automobile museum
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    Default French cars at Tasmanian automobile museum

    Just a small reminder about this - finishes mid Dec. 13.


    French cars at Tasmanian automobile museum.

    Of possible interest to members is that the Launceston-based National Automobile Museum of Tasmania is having a focus on French cars from mid September to mid December.
    Centrepiece of the themed display is a 1936 Delage D6-70 which, although originally Chapron bodied, was rebodied in the 80s with a meticulously exact replica of a gloriously swoopy period Figoni & Falaschi open 2 seater body.
    Three Citroens are featured. Paired are a D-Special example of the iconic DS/ID series & its successor, the CX. Featuring also is one of the oldest (1950) known examples of the corrugated-sided H-van. Unlikely as a commercial van might seem as a candidate, the quirkily attractive H-van is also becoming as iconic a member of the Citroen pantheon as the DS & 2CV.
    Peugeot is represented by a nice example of the Pininfarina designed 404. The 404 is one of the vehicles that built the reputation Peugeot had for solid & reliable vehicles that still had some interest for the enthusiast.
    Finally, there are three rare sporting derivatives of the Renault R8: an R1135 R8 Gordini, an Alpine A110 &, a bit less derivatively, a Matra Sports Djet. The last of these is particularly rare, being the only example known to still be in Australia.
    Apart from the focus on French cars, the rest of the museum's display ranges from veteran cars (including a Renault), to muscle cars, to Italian exotics, to examples of Britain's sports car heritage (including a 30s Riley Imp).
    If you're in Tasmania (living there or visiting) then I recommend a visit.

    cheers! Peter
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    Thanks for the information - it's a pity Peugeot did not get more representation .

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