307 overhead console removal
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    Default 307 overhead console removal

    OK, I give up.
    How do I remove the overhead console in a 307?
    (The one that contains the interior light and the sunglasses holder.)


    I thought I could pry out the interior light and there would be screws or a clip behind... I couldn't get the light out, and now the light fits loose and rattly so I have mucked up some clips but I can't get to them to see what I've done...

    I'm just trying to see if I can run a cable inside the roof lining from front to rear...


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    Many headlinings are secured by "stripes" of polyurethane glue from side to side. You may find these to be present in your situation; if so it's going to be easier running your cable along the sill and up the C pillar.

    Check Fleabay UK to see if the light is like a Berlingo cabin light (I think it might be) as undoubtedly one of the sellers will show which side has the spring clip and which the hooks. The whole "face" seems to clip off from the assembly drawings, leaving a bracket ring behind, which is in turn clipped into the roof perimeter bracing.

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