Throttle bodies and vacuum line for brake servo
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    Default Throttle bodies and vacuum line for brake servo

    After the installation of ITB's ,what then supplies a vacuum for the brake servo? Do you connect 4 separate small vacuum lines and "T" them all together into a bigger hose for the servo?

    All of the installs I see show no vacuum apart from maybe a vacuum gauge.

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    That's certainly one way. A vacuum manifold underneath, with an pipe to each runner. JeffR has his welded in. Mine has four small flexible tubes which connect to a larger solid pipe. You often see installations were just one manifold runner is used as well. It all depends on how much time you have to build up vacuum between pumps. Another factor is the ECU. If you're mapping fuel and ignition by TPS then you don't need vacuum. If more exotic, and mapping fuel by TPS and ignition by MAP, then you need the vacuum manifold. Another solution is to use an S16 vacuum pump on the end of the inlet cam. I like JeffR's manifold as it's permanent, out of the way and nothing can come loose.

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    Depends whether you want to go to the effort of removing the throttle bodies & have something welded in to your manifold for a permanent solution.
    This is how I went about it. Have a look at Post 75-
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