Just pulled my leaky Valeo radiator out of my 306 S16. Need to get a new one, but it's not so obvious where to buy a replacement. Here are some pics...


Identifying and replacing radiator 306-2013-10-15-20.32.45.jpgIdentifying and replacing radiator 306-2013-10-15-20.33.08.jpgIdentifying and replacing radiator 306-2013-10-15-20.03.07.jpg

Connectors 'A' connect to two small hoses that go somewhere. What are these for? Some new radiators don't seem to have these connections, but I presume they're needed.

Connector 'B' is the lower radiator hose connector. My hose has the two prongs that grab the small grooves on this connector. Is this a standard connection? What's it called?

This radiator seems to fit the bill:
Aluminum Alloy Radiator Peugeot 306 GTI Citroen CitroŽn Xsara ZX 92 05 | eBay
...except that it only has two holes instead of two male 'A' connectors, so not sure how the small hoses would connect to it. The lower radiator hose 'B' connection looks correct.

I had some trouble finding a part number off the dead Valeo radiator, and believe the lower hose 'B' connection type is different to the original for this car. Anyone bought a Valeo one with the new connection?