406 D8 2.1TD Fans not working
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    Default 406 D8 2.1TD Fans not working

    G'day everyone,
    I recently bought this Pug and was assured that everything was working (famous last words). The fans are not kicking in to cool it down. The only way I can cool it down is by flicking on the A/C which makes both fans work at low speed. I have checked the fuses and they are all working. Im not sure if its going to be a bad relay or a faulty temp sensor. Does anyone know where they are located and how I could possibly test them?

    Also for you electrically minded individuals. My radio memory resets every time I turn the car off. The trip odometer resets every time I turn the car off. The interior lights only come on if I turn the ignition on and wont come on if you simply open the door like normal. The central locking isnt working either yet it apparently worked perfectly before. The car was sitting for over a year and I guess some of these things are playing up now it's back on the road. Once again, I checked all the fuses and all are functioning correctly. Im a bit stuck with these issues. Any help would be appreciated! I ordered a haynes manual but its still 2 weeks away! Cheers!



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    Wow. I reckon the problem sits in one circuit board, but I cant tell you which one. Almost certainly a fix to that board will sort all of the other problems.

    Have you tried disconnecting the battery, leaving it for a few minutes, and then reconnecting? This might reset the computer, and get things working - if you're lucky.

    Normally both fans should operate, and since they work when the AC is on, they aren't the problem
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