Any one with a 504 in or near to Queensland Sunshine Coast
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    Default Any one with a 504 in or near to Queensland Sunshine Coast

    Hi All

    My recent purchase of a 1974 504 GL sedan auto will be delivered this week, and I am hoping to try and join other peugeot owners for meet up's and, well try to network on who knows what to do with repairs/general guidance etc.

    I live in Buderim 4556 on Sunshine Coast, QLD.


    Thanks in advance


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    I'm 'local' in terms of Pugs, being near Toowoomba, but there are pug people infesting Brisburg!

    The autos are a bit slow, but very nice to drive.

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    Hi Pete, I am originally from up that way and get up there as often as I can (living in Hobart now) if you would like to chat about your Pug, I would be happy to. I have a 1972 model which is a bit of a hybrid. Last of the model so had the new dual headlights, but not the new tombstone seats and not the previous seats which retracted the headrest. Still the old umbrella handbrake, and push button door handles. Beautiful old vehicle, and as much as people tell me to sell it, it only inspires me to keep it longer. Stunning ride and handling, which scares the shit out of a lot of people when I take them for a spirited drive. I must have a bit of influence on them as one friend who used to drive a Daewoo bought a 405, another friend sold his new Commodore ute and 3 year old Commodore VZ with everything on it for a Peugeot 406 Coupe V6 with only 40K on the clock, he loved it so much he had to buy the matching 307 hatch. Beautiful cars. Gary

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