Well after 40 years of wanting, the wait is almost over
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Thread: Well after 40 years of wanting, the wait is almost over

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    Icon7 Well after 40 years of wanting, the wait is almost over

    I have been wanting a 504gl for over 40years........my father ( god rest his sole) had the first UK 504 family estate - registration SWB 615L, still remember it well....and have tried to find it - but to no avail.
    he then traded in for 504GL sedan/saloon, and then on to 505 GTI, and then finally on to a 406 SR, and that was his lot.
    My family has had 104,( x2) 304,(x2) 504,(x4) 505,(x1) 406(x1) they did not have any other, just Peugeot's

    I have had a Saab 9-5 ( I know I know swear word on this forum) which I dragged from UK to QLD Australia, and now have my new pride and joy arriving next week - a 504GL sedan.....

    I hope the fun now starts, looking after this, - having my "Me time" . Undecided what it will be called until I see it.
    My list of wants are going to grow, as well as the network of good folks, and great guidance......as I have no idea what makes a car tick, and have not had my hands greasy for 32 years, since rebuilding my sewing machine on wheels ( opps sorry my Yamaha FSIE - 50cc moped - ahh those were the days).

    So my journey of " he's always in the garage playing with his car " begins next week

    wanting 504gl is soon to be got504gl ( if the moderators allow)



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    Fantastic, welcome to the twisted world of 504GL ownership! These are great cars and super easy to work on - you'll learn more than you ever imagined. You've also found the right place to get help- the regulars on this site are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and I've yet to post a problem that didn't get several thoughtful responses and ultimately a solution (and yes, you will need help). Don't forget to post pictures when your baby arrives.

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    ah, the good old days, when a man could come to understand and grow in bond with his horse congratulations


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