1998 406 sv odb2 ????
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    Default 1998 406 sv odb2 ????

    AU CAR Engine Fault Diagnostic Scanner Auto Code Reader OBD2 Scan Tool MS509 | eBay

    looking at this on ebay

    claims to be able to read cars from 1996 onwards, mine is a 1998.

    however I've heard that European cars used a different setup until 2004? is this true?

    (ive found the socket next to my fuse box, it looks like the correct plug)

    anyone had any good experiances with the above scanner, or a different one?


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    You'd be better off with one designed for PSA cars, such as most of the ones in this list (ignore the generic ones a few screens down):

    Lexia 3: Diagnostic Tools / Equipment | eBay

    Don't ask me to recommend a seller out of that list however .

    I bought one from a Chinese seller - it hasn't lived up to all the claims he made about it (doesn't appear to support V6 of Diagbox) but I've used it successfully on 2 x Xantias (Series and Series 2), a 406 D9 and a 307 T5.

    Admittedly they are clones, and you can't get automatic software updates, but you can download software updates here: download.qclt.com - /


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