205 will be the death of me.
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    Default 205 will be the death of me.

    ok again my 205 has decided its going to be a little shit. ive been driving it for no more than 72 hours and there is another problem. there is a very distinct clunking noise coming from the car now, no sure if drive shafts, barings or calipers etc. it seems that my 205 likes to be off the road. any experience and info would be great. on where to find new parts or what to look for if im just overthinking.


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    Just part of the 'joy' of owning a twenty something year old French car. Not sure where to start on this one though - there are lots of things that go clunk... Any more hints?
    205 gti-6

    205 track car build in progress http://www.aussiefrogs.com/forum/res...-race-car.html

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    well being a French car we need to know if it is "Le clunk" or "La clunk".
    Is the noise bump related (shocker or bush or loose caliper)?
    Is it rhythmic and related to the speed, increasing in volume when powering on or turning? (driveshaft)
    One side or both?
    My 205 Si's have had problems with LHS driveshafts one during my ownership and the other when I bought it.
    Do they wear out RHS driveshafts?

    As to reliability,y for its age it is great, really reliable and in use every day. Mind you I have replaced the auto gearbox and the computer to get it to this point. Auto gearbox had been fed the wrong oil by previous owner so can't hold that against the car.
    The 205 GTi Mi16 was also very reliable, and a joy to drive before a rat ate into the wiring, again not the cars fault.


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    It's the devil we know and all love.

    But could be a number of things as it says above. Could even be a stone stuck in the disc vent...depending on the severity of your tick/knock.

    Make sure your hub nuts are tight, your engine mounts & buffers are in good knick. And everything said a ^^^over ^^^

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    It could be something simple like wheel nuts not tightened

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