steering shudders when accelerating
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    steering shudders when accelerating

    Any thoughts please

    I have just got my 306XSi and the only problem I have at the moment (touch wood) is when you accelerate whilst travelling over 90km/h, there is a slight shudder / wobble (similar to a wheel balance problem) that comes through the steering wheel - it stops once you begin cruising again.

    My thoughts were tyres but they seem fine when not accelerating. However, I feel it may be an engine mount problem creating some sort of torsion problem in the steering. Any ideas on where to start?

    Well, there are two problems actually but this one is not a fault of the car - is there any way of adjusting the tilt on the drivers seat? being short of stature, the mechanics are all wrong when enagaging the clutch with the high front - or maybe I'm just used to scraping my ass on the ground with legs straight out in my old MGB (8yrs) - the new seating position may take some getting used to!



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    G'day Scott, and welcome to the forum.

    I can't really help with the shuddering problem (I have a 505 so don't know much about 306s) but in relation to the seating position, I got into my 505 almost a year ago from an XF Falcon where my legs where reasonably straight out. I'm also not that tall, and even with seat tilt ability, I haven't been able to find a truly comfortable seating position.

    I guess most people in France are tall, and the rest are gorillas (short legs, long arms)... roll_lau

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    take it to a tyre place and check to see if the the front mags have a slight buckle

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