Those cloth sunroofs on 205s
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    Those cloth sunroofs on 205s

    As the topic says, whats the deal with them? I checked out a 205 at south city holden and it had a wierd cloth sunroof, it was pouring with rain so i didnt get a chance to check it out. any info?



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    yeah they are a bit weird. when i was looking for a 205 I steered clear of ones with the cloth roof mainly because I did not want a sunroof but also security it would only take a big knife to hack it up, also in the event of a roll over i dont think it would be all that good.
    According to the bloke who was selling the 205 i looked at with the cloth roof it was an option at the dealer, but why take the cloth roof when you could have a sliding glass roof? Also being vinyl they require a bit of maintenance to stop them from cracking and peeling in the aussie sun. I guess it's a matter of personal taste.
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    My 205 gti has one of those cloth roofs.
    They are cool because they open up about 75% of the roof, heaps more than the glass ones.
    As far as leaking, well mine doesn't, it seals excellent, better than my wife's 505 executive roof, that leaks on the passenger's side, so i don't drive with her if it is raining.
    Security wise if you look closely, the cloth roof has steel rod inserts, which makes breaking into them, bloody hard. It's easier to smash the window. I had my car broken into in Melbourne, they tried cutting into the roof, realised the rod inserts were there and ended up smashing my window..
    hope this helps...
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