Haynes-Style Manual for 504 Ti
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    Haynes-Style Manual for 504 Ti

    Having decided to possibly put a new clutch in with my friend I'm going to need a fairly detailed manual for the 504 Ti.

    Are there any 'must haves' when it comes to this?

    Would anyone happen to know where abouts in Auckland would be the place to get one?

    Sorry to bring this up again, but realistically how time consuming is this job? I've been quoted 8 hours?


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    For amateurs...

    Two and a half hours to lift the engine out (assuming you have the tackle, of course), half an hour to fiddle round changing the clutch etc, three hours to get it all back in.

    I've done this job in a 404 in well under two hours go to whoa... but that was a 404, I was all set up, I'd done it heaps of times before and it wasn't loaded down with Kugelfischer gear.

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    Having decided to possibly put a new clutch in with my friend I'm going to need a fairly detailed manual for the 504 Ti.
    I had a 504 with a Ti motor, which I installed myself. It was "bolt in" stuff. No complications at all. The standard 504 Haynes manual would tell you all you need to know, I would think. Just remember to re-connect your fuel tank high-pressure fuel pump wire if you have to disconnect it.

    8 hours sounds about right. Pulling a motor out and re-fitting it is a big job, even for experienced people.

    One tip - grab a 10mm allen key and slice off about a 20mm section of it, and use it in your 10mm socket spanner. For the bell-housing bolts. There are three of them, and you may need to crack them loose with an allen key and extension pipe (a ring spanner can work for the extension), but you don't want to be undoing them all the way with an allen key. They have long threads and they are in horrible places.

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