A tale of Woe!
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Thread: A tale of Woe!

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    A tale of Woe!

    One would expect that the repair of an aircon compressor would be a simple thing??!!! Recently(mid jan) the aircon compressor on my '96 405 SRDT decided to burn out and seize. So dutiful to my warrantee the insurer was notified. The towie turned up the next morning to take it to the mechanic. How naive was I to think they would just replace the compressor...very!! Because there were no "new' parts in NZ and it was going to take 3 weeks to get a new one from frog land, they decided to use a generic compresor and refurb the Peugeot head on the old compressor.(note: I ph'd a Sydney dealer who could have freighted an original part in 3 days for a cheaper price than the nz dealers sold them) Now a week after the car left my house... The new/reconned compressor gets back to the mechanic accompanied with instructions which had to be followed to validate the warrantee on the part. This involved flushing the entire ac system 3 times. Sounds simple..NOT! The entire dash and all that it hid had to be removed so the various flush valves etc could be accessed. It took the mechanics(3 guys by this time) 4 days to remove the dash etc. Flushing went fine. Then the Peugeot parts guy sent down the wrong drive belt(3 x). Took another 3 days to put the dash back in. The system was gased. then the fan wouldn't work. Off to the sparky. 2 days later. Fan works. Now the ac is confirmed as working. Hold on only sometimes... Some mysterious falt now causes the ac to work fine sometimes, then when it stops and I take the car to the sparky to check by the time he gets round to it the ac is working again. I now have the car back 3 1/2 weeks after it left me and the ac works...sometimes.
    I'm glad the excess on the mech ins is only $100 coz I reckon it has cost in excess of $3500.


    PS. What does a switch unit cost anyway?

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    Don't know if the control unit is the same or similar on a 405 , but intermittent operation on a 1987 505SLi with climate control can be caused by a "cold" joint in the BOSCH control box (behind the glovebox in the 505). If this is the cause its relatively easy to identify from "browning" around the particular component (eg resistor) lead. It can then be simply resoldered in many cases. Much cheaper than buying a new one.

    Another spot to check is the actual connector to the control unit. "Filming" on the plug prongs can also cause this sort of behaviour.



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