[405 Mi16] How do I remove my side skirts?
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    [405 Mi16] How do I remove my side skirts?

    I recently (last night) tore up my left side skirt with a bit of sloppy driving. I need to be able to take of my side skirt to repair it, except there's these rivet things holding it to the chassis. How do I get those off?


    Also; Any tips of repairing the skirt? How much will a new one run me?

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    Hi Elky

    Did the same thing myself coming back from Qld-collected a truck mudguard on the highway!

    Drill out the alloy rivets underneath, & remove the plastic Christmas trees at either end of the skirt near the wheelarch mouldings.

    The 6 plastic clips along the body will most certainy break in removing the old skirt, so order them in advance. I was lucky Regan's had 6 in stock-otherwise I think they are ex-France, 2-3 weeks
    Get a 2nd hand skirt from the wreckers-expect to pay $200++paint (paint code on l.h.s strut tower).
    The rivets can be obtained from most body repairers.

    Good Luck
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    Depends how bad it is. I repaired one of mine with fibreglass.

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    Thanks for the advice.

    I managed to drill out all the rivits, but I can't work out how to disconnect the skirt from under the side bumper at each end of the skirt (near the wheels). Is this the "Christmas tree" part you were talking about? I felt around inside the wheelarch and found a plastic cylinder thing with some sort of circular metal retaining clip on it. That managed to resist my best efforts at removal. I couldn't find anything like that at the front end of the car though.


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