Gearbox issues
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Thread: Gearbox issues

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    Gearbox issues

    Went for a drive in my 205 GTi last night and found it increasingly hard to get it into gear.
    At one point I stalled, put the clutch in, tried to start it and she bummy hoped like it was still in gear.
    Sometimes it would grind going into gear, but most of the time it was just really difficult to get it into gear, requiring alot of strength.
    First was the worst, declutching and reving had not effect.
    My mate reckons it's my clutch pressure plate.
    I has been grinding on thrid a bit lately and been difficult to get into first, but this was crazy last night.
    Any other opinions?



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    Your clutch is out of adjustment.
    If Pugs are like the Cits, chances are that you may have a problem at the pedal end; possibly cracking which is fixable by welding & reinforcing. Could also be a cable problem but more likely the former suggsetion. approve

    Alan S
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    I had a similar experience with my 306 recently - it was getting very very hard to get it into gear and then it got to the point where the clutch did nothing.

    I'm not sure about the 205, but the 306 has a self-adjusting cable. The self-adjusting part of the cable had given way so the cable was very very slack.

    The way to check if that's what's happened is to look at where the clutch cable attaches to the clutch lever (not sure about the terminolgy there!) and if it's slack there's something wrong with the cable.

    As I said, the 205 may not have the self-adjusting cable so hopefully someone with a 205 can chime in here?


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    The most likely explanation is simply a problem with the clutch linkage, Izza - a cable out of adjustment or sticking, a linkage on the way out etc. Is the 205 clutch linkage hydraulic or mechanical? If its hydraulic, then the obvious answers are a dying slave or master cylinder.

    Other possibilities include things like worn or cracking gearbox selector shafts, low gerabox lubrication levels, or maybe a defective clutch thrust bearing.

    I'd be very doubtful that it was the pressure plate.


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