Diesel Turbo Mitsibishi Extraction Advice
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    Default Diesel Turbo Mitsibishi Extraction Advice

    I have the opportunity to harvest a mitsi turbo from a wreck. Apart from the obvious bit are there any special electronic bits I need to get as well. I've never played with these before.
    Advice please, I have to do this tomorrow morning early[Tuesday] before the wrecker takes it away.
    I'm wanting to fit it to my Hilux. Sorry no Peugeot content but I know Demannu and some others are familiar with these things.



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    Delica? One workplace we had a Delica turbo diesel that failed three times. Looking around more, revealed pretty much every diesel one advertised had received head-off engine work. Notwithstanding, the Nulon starting spray is now affectionately known as "Seize, ya C**t"...

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