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    Carolyn started her 203 this morning, it ran for a few seconds and cut out ad did this on all her attempts to start; plenty of fuel, no spark. So I wandered into the shed and picked up the box of fiddly electrical ends and then un-did the nut holding the low tension lead to the distributor, cut the eye off plus about 3mm of 'wire', stripped 5mm of wire, put another eyelet on, screwed it back onto the distributor and it has gone ever since. I am no guru but I had this happen on the "Red One" years ago so just did it. With original wiring looms sometimes the wire deteriorates inside the cover and, though looking fine, needs to be renewed sometimes.
    Just passed on for info., shame some of the newer models weren't as easy to diagnose and fix.


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    Flash, I took a more radical approach to the problem. As my 203 wagon wiring loom was a bushfire looking for somewhere to happen I replaced the lot. Around 80 metres of three and four mm cotton braded wire, 70 plus terminals and a roll of linen loom tape were required. The only drawback in doing this with a running car is the need to unpick the headling on the passenger's side if you want to replace the rear loom. The rest comes out easily if you pull the whole dash ( and is much easier to replace).



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