307 big problems.My ma
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    Default 307 big problems.My ma

    M y mates2006 307has heaps of problems such as blown turbo,distroyed sensors ,and particular filter .He is worred about where to buy parts without geting ripped off . He intends to join aussie frogs when he learns to use computer.All advice welcome.Thanks. TOMFROG.


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    Advice? I suggest he also buys a laptop with Windows XP, and learns to use Peugeot Planet.

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    Default 307 big problems.My ma

    Step 2 - befriend Addo.

    Actually where are you based? You will need to find your self a good specialist mechanic. IF (big emphasis on if) not too much oil has got into the pressurised induction circuit, it is possible that the DPF is salvageable, but one has to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL as a wrong move will be catastrophic.

    My view, replace turbo and turbo oil supply pipe (I presume it's a RHR?), then check how much oil is in intercooler, then it MAY be possible to revive DPF. Air temp/MAP sensors will require placement (one of each) and CAREFUL running of engine. Of course it's more detailed and a lot of care needs to be taken...soooo find your self a good specialist mechanic. Ask them what could cause turbo to go and if they can't then try another
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