slightly wobblier than desired 504 gearstick
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    Default slightly wobblier than desired 504 gearstick

    now that ive finished uni, i have a bit of time to get a few things done that i have been meaning to on my 79 504 gl..

    along with replacing my side mirror (if anyone has one spare please let me know), fixing the passenger door lock and a few cosmetic things here and there, i would like to see if its possible to "tighten" the gearstick up a bit..

    it is not alarmingly wobbly, just a bit loose; it is easy to find all the gears and it doesnt slip out ever or anything and to be fair it was a fair bit wobbly when i first bought the car a year or so ago, it just seems to be a bit more now than it was, and im thinking that it might be one of those "a stitch in time..." kind of things..

    i had a look in the haynes manual and there doesnt seem to be anything that stands out about it.. just wondering if it is a matter of just doing up a few bolts or replacing a shim or two to tighten things up, or if it is evidence that something is wearing down and my gearbox needs to be replaced soon?

    any advice would be appreciated, thanks again


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    There's bushes on the gearstick pivots that can be replaced. Makes a huge difference. Not abig job once you dismantle the dash
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    Yes, you can remove the selector mechanism yourself and take it somewhere to be repaired. Just take off the console. And while you're at it, check under the car for the two linkages that join the selector to the gearbox. There are ball joints on the ends of them which can get loose.

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    Some gearstick have a place where you can attach a spring that can help to 'centre' the gearstick. This also helped with my wobbles.
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