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Thread: 208 on sale now

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    Default 208 on sale now

    Dropped into my local dealer yesterday to have a look at the new 208 range.

    I'm a bit confused about Peugeot Australia's marketing, but not to worry. Their website has been consistently saying "on sale October 12" yet various press releases were saying the car would go on sale on the first day of the Motor Show on 19 October.

    As per their Facebook page announcement, 12 October was the actual date

    Anyway, the cars look pretty good in the flesh. I resisted the urge to test drive one, as I didn't feel like wasting their time. The small steering wheel and look over the wheel to see the gauges position is certainly interesting.

    They had all versions on display (the GTi doesn't appear till next year, however) and even the basic version gets the flash new centre screen, which seems to work pretty well.

    The sales guy was defensive when I turned my nose up at the 4sp auto, saying that it's "much better than the old ones" and had "new software".

    The current top model (Allure Sport 3 dr) is actually a very nice bit of kit. It's basically a DS3 DSport mechanically (and weight-wise) although one thing seems to have me baffled.

    Both have the 1.6 turbo THP engine (115kW/240Nm) and 6 sp manual box.

    The DS3 DSport weighs 1165kg and has a 0-100 time of 7.3s
    The 208 Allure Sport weighs 1063kg and has a 0-100 time of 8.1s


    Somehow I get the feeling the weight quoted in the brochure for the Allure Sport is not quite correct (considering it has a glass roof and a full size alloy in the boot).

    My guess is it's a very similar drive to the 206 GTi (138) and a similar position in the range as the 207 GT when it was released.

    For a drive-away price of $29,715 in NSW (as per the Peugeot website), it's reasonable value. The 206 GTi listed (ie. no on-roads or rego, etc) at $29,490 and the 207 GT at $31,490 (no on roads).

    The 208 also comes with 3 years fixed-price servicing of $270/year, down from the other new models at $330/year.

    I wonder whether the GTi will also receive the "discount" rate?


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    I took the 208 Allure Sport for a spin yesterday. The small steering wheel and the need to set it low to see the instruments properly is a bit strange at first, but you adjust to it quickly. It's nice to drive, sort of like the 207 GT in terms of the ride/handling and performance. So the suspension is a bit on the firm side but not so harsh like the GTi, and while it's not rocket, the engine is punchy and has plenty of torque. I think the DS3 DSport is a better drive though, a bit sharper and rides better. Throttle response off idle is bit doughy as well.

    The car is well equipped and comfortable inside, and I was pleased to see it had a full sized spare since I had heard they were using space savers in the 208. The touch screen is nice to use, but I feel it is bit gimmicky, especially since it has not got sat nav.

    It is well priced, considering it is essentially the same spec as the 207 GT and they were $31.5K + orc compared to the $26.5k + orc. I think it is good value.

    Nice to see the fixed price servicing introduced, service costs have become stupid and it was real turn off from buying another Peugeot.

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    Default 208 on sale now

    Yeah I took one out for a spin a few weeks ago when I dropped into my old work. I was highly impressed with it - ESP liked the seats.

    My best description of how I see it is grab a shoe box, turn it on its side and voila. 208
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    I drove the 1.4 hdi already a couple of months ago. Didn't know it was the 1.4 hdi. During the testdrive I was thinking that if it was the 1.4 the engine was great, if it was the 1.6 I would be dissapointed. After the ride asked the dealer and he confirmed it was the 1.4. Already having one in the past in the wife's Citroen C3, the one in the peugeot was much better balanced than in the C3. It wasn't a sprint wonder, but did its job more than just good. Good suspension, good steering consistency and good drivers position even for my 1.93m.
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