505 2.2 Gti compression test
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    Default 505 2.2 Gti compression test

    Hi "pugsperts",
    I've looked for it, I'm sure it'd be here somewhere but...can anyone tell me what sort of pressure I should expect to see when I do a compression check on a 2.2 ZDJL engine (build date may '88)? Also, should the engine be at least warm for the test? I run it on 95 octane (caltex vortex);tried 98 in it a few times, but the engine actually seems better to me with 95, with economy no different to 98.


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    Can't say what the pressure should be in the later ones (lower compression ratio, I believe). My '85 model gets around 155 psi on an American gauge. That equates to about 1050kPa.

    Pressure doesn't matter as much as that all should be pretty similar. If they seem low, you can try a wet test (one squirt from an oil can down the plug hole). If pressure comes well up, the rings are implicated. Engine should be warmed up.

    Have fun,


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