wtd Auto trans ZF 4HP 14-4 Speed
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    Default wtd Auto trans ZF 4HP 14-4 Speed

    I'm converting my 87 205 GTi into a 4 Speed Auto. I know it sounds like a terrible thing.
    I'm after a Trans, Torque, convertor and everything else needed for job.
    Also looking to fit a power steering set up while I have the engine out. ( putting in a DKZ ).
    If you have these parts hangin around and need some cash to survive our new carbon tax please call me on 0450 333 065. or reply
    thanks Doug


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    Default auto gti

    my wifes auto si is a great car to whip along, the ratios are good and doesnt seem to loose grunt against a manual , think it would go well, i could do the complete power steering kit from a 92 si if that helps regards fish 0754246064 or pm, i have a DFV engine avail too.

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