Various Fuego parts free to good home
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    Default Various Fuego parts free to good home

    Hello all

    I have recently parted with my '86 Fuego and I have a range of spares from an '83 Fuego that I originally cannibalised for parts in 1999. I am clearing out the spares and I have the following available for anyone - just come and get them; no charge.

    The car was a misty, silvery pink colour. Interior is a light grey with a shade of pink.

    L/h and r/h doors

    • complete - include glass, electrical components, side mirrors
    • interior trim has been removed but I still have it and would be made available with the doors

    Front guard (passenger side)

    • one small dent the size of a 20 cent piece
    • otherwise in good condition, no rust

    Rear bumper
    • in perfect condition

    Rear window glass

    • in perfect condition
    • includes wiper and wiper motor (still attached)


    • I removed the valves from the head for use in my original car
    • the engine is otherwise whole and understood to be in serviceable condition
    • I have a box of external components eg starter motor/alternator/a-c compressor


    • this is the standard gearbox
    • understood to be in working order



    • I have the whole exhaust

    Various other bits and pieces
    • front sway bar
    • drive shafts
    • a couple of original wheels with worn tyres
    • rear pop-out windows
    • steering wheels
    • fuel tank
    • pair of front seats (these have been in the attic for 10 years and I couldn't vouch for their condition)
    • a lot else - just ask.

    The parts are in Kensington, Melbourne. Just send me a message if you're interested in taking any of the parts.

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    Hi 100lorenzo,

    I have a R16TS and I believe that the Fuego Steering Wheel fits quite well.
    Can I come and have a look please? John 0418 566 991

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