24 Valve 3 litre PRV Engine
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    Default 24 Valve 3 litre PRV Engine


    Hello, I've previously been on this forum as Technicolour264, but my account has been deleted it seems.

    I'm looking to sell my VERY RARE 24V 3 litre PRV Engine. I've had it for 6 years and in that time I've undone the exhaust manifolds, intake manifold and the throttle bodies and removed the crank pulley. Have not pulled it apart to see inside.

    The engine is out of a burnt Citroen XM,

    Selling because I probably never will get around to fitting it into my Volvo 760, if I put another motor in with a manual, it will be a V8 or something Japanese.

    Asking $2000neg + shipping.


    http://www.delorean.co.uk/turbocharging.html - Quoted from here.
    3-litre 24v Engine - Estimate 6000 250+ bhp

    The rarest PRV variant outside the Safrane Bi-turbo (which is a standard Z7X engine as in the A610 but with twin turbos), is the Peugeot/Citroen ZPJ 24-valve engine.

    This found its way as an expensive option into the Citroen XM and Peugeot 605. Still single overhead cam, this engine has the same bottom end as the Z7X Renault engines but higher compression pistons and wholly re-engineered heads. This reengineering included a strange pushrod/rocker setup which was prone to failure but generated an impressive 200hp as standard - before any attempts to tune it, and the particular configuration of the intake manifold, once separated, lends itself to throttle bodies beautifully. The exhaust manifolds are equally impressive with twin six-into-one tubular pipework.

    A lot of work went into the refinement of this engine and it is extremely smooth with wonderfully progressive power delivery. The snag, when it comes to supplying it as the ultimate normally aspirated engine for the DeLorean is its rarity for donor parts. The engine featured in the photos above was only located after over a year of searching! The cam/rocker assembly was the subject of a recall by Citroen for ceramic replacements and these must be fitted to any rebuilt engine. The parts for this alone are over 2000. The same ECU as for the turbo engine must be installed and this pushes the price up still further. The exhaust manifolds will be complex and expensive to make, and the AC compressor has to be moved slightly from its original position. Having said all this, the intake manifold is absolutely ideal for a set of six throttle bodies directly on the top of the engine. The ability to run open-loop fuel management (because the DeLorean is old enough not to need strict emissions controls) means a normally aspirated output of over 250hp with a beautiful sound and considerably simpler install than the turbo engine.

    What about turbochaging the 24v engine? Venturi did precisely this but they developed their own rockers and cams and although we have access to the cam profiles for the Venturi engine, we don't have access to the rockers. It could still be done, but only by spending a lot of money!.
    The cams look to have had the ceramic cam/rocker assembly fitted, so I am pretty safe.

    With Autronic, this engine makes 200rwhp in a Peugeot 404 convertible, I'd love to see this in a Deloreon and would be happy to help with the install and related work too.
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