163 BR Peugeot
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Thread: 163 BR Peugeot

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    Default 163 BR Peugeot

    Evening-Thought someone out there may have had a Dad,Uncle or Neighbor that had a 163 Br Cabriolet
    or even some pics ,history or a " I remember when" moment.
    I have one of the above that has the windscreen frame [no glass either-funny about that] & need to make one.The body on mine is very rounded-probably an Aussie built body.It is different from the firewall back to the one in the Aussie Peugeot 50 year book though the doors do look the same-maybe they came originally from France with the car.
    I met a guy some years ago that had a Ford Cabriolet with the identical body but unfortunately I lossed his contact no.-He was a Ford fan & said the body was built by Propert in Sydney but in speaking to them they apparently only built truck bodies years ago.Pity as the body had 2 lovely hood supperts that I would have loved to have copied.
    I have also seen another 'rear' that was the same shape but seemed to be a larger body -hard to tell though without a front.
    Apparently the 163 was a rather popular import in Australia as I have heard of quite a few around the country.One should have kept a file on the matter!!!!!.
    Anyway if anyone could throw some light on the matter I would be truly grateful.


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    try Keith Bridge in Nowra, he could of help

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