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Thread: Driveshaft boot

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    Default Driveshaft boot

    Can anyone help? Have just found the outer boot on my Peugeot 505 SRDT is split and in need of replacement. The problem is new boots appear to be no longer available, neither factory nor non genuine. Have tried ebay without success so far. Does anyone have a new kit or replacement driveshaft to help out?
    The driveshaft on the diesels is apparently larger than the petrol models.
    Maybe it is time to retire the old girl even though I still love to drive her even if she is so slow. Some doors would also be helpful.
    Yours in old Pugs.


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    There used to be a place in Railway Tce, Milton, Brisbane which would fit a universal neoprene driveshaft boot over the original. I had one done and watched them do was very stretchy and they used something like a cone to pull it over before it went on the driveshaft end. It was an outer I had done, too.
    If you can't find them under "driveshafts" in the Brisbane Yellow Pages, I could drive past and see if they're still there. Or you could ask other places if they have the same, which they might be able to mail to you, to be fitted by a local who knows how to do it.
    I though diesel stuff was readily available overseas ?

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