Peugeot 404 door rubber
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    Default Peugeot 404 door rubber

    Hello Froggyphiles , I just discovered this forum by happy accident . I am in the process of trying to raise some spare cash for a guitar and decided to offer for sale some brand new 404 door rubber - enough to do a whole 404 wagon .
    I got most of the way through doing up a beaut wagon many years ago , and I pranged it #@*& !!!! ouch , before I had finished the job.
    At vast expense at the time I had aquired 15 metres of rubber door seal (genuine ) . This has been sitting in a cupboard all this time so is in BRAND NEW CONDITION . I believe that I bought enough to do the back door too . I've owned 2 403Bs (sedan, wagon ) 2 404 wagons , and 2 504s so I do understand the love of these beasties . My current ride is a VW caravelle van 1985.
    Since this is a cash-raising exercise on my part I'm asking $12 a metre as a job lot. That's a lot less than I paid at the time for it . $180 the lot . I'm at Rye 3941 .
    Anyone interested can phone or txt me . mob: 0410 183 108 or email me direct at : [email protected] so I can send you pics if you want them .

    Thanks , warm regards ,


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    Hi Rhys,

    So, I am acquiring a 69 404 sedan in a few months and it will require door rubbers.

    Forgive my naivety, is the rubber you have generic for 404's? Same for sedans and wagons? So it comes in lengths and you just fit it around the door?

    I also have an old Fender acoustic I want to get rid of...??



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