WTB: 205 S1 dash plastics
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    Default WTB: 205 S1 dash plastics

    OK, before you all get on your high horses about these being rarer than rocking horse s*#t, hear me out. I have just bought a 1989 205 GTI (is that S1 or S2??) which does not have the plastic piece that covers the instrument panel and which also has the dash vents in it. At this stage I do not expect to get one in tip top condition and am really just looking fro one of average condition that I can use in the interim. Clearly as I'm only looking for an average condition one I am only really prepared to pay average prices! Can anyone help?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WTB: 205 S1 dash plastics-dash.jpg  
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    Your description and photo are of a S2/S3 dash, not S1 as per your topic heading. Good luck with your quest.

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