505 parts for sale and a great 504 diesel engine
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    Default 505 parts for sale and a great 504 diesel engine

    Goodwins in Cessnock NSW have a number of 505 wrecks that are soon destined for the tip.
    If you need something for your 505 give them a call. They might even sell you the whole thing to dismantle at your leisure. I was over there yesterday and Malcolm was showing me around. I am taking the two old 203 wrecks, so hands off them.

    Mal says no-one ever calls about the 505 bits anymore. So I asked if he'd like me to mention it on Aussiefrogs. He was happy so here you are. There's just about everything you might want in that lot.
    There's also a crashed 504 diesel with the best pug diesel Mal has seen. Apparently doesn't blow smoke on startup and is the sweetest and quietest he's heard.

    Call 02 49901595

    You'll get Mal, Steve, Alan or Gail.

    I have no financial interest here, just trying to reduce waste and help a few people if possible.


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    To the tip ? Argh ! Heresy ! Traitors !
    It's very sad they don't get any call for 505 parts. I hope people here give em a bit of custom.....

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    Please tell me there's a Series 2 505 with a good drivers side front guard on it?
    1985 S2 505 GTi. Someone please sell me an S2 drivers side front 1/4 panel so I can get this on the road again.
    1985 S1 505 SRi. Parts car.
    1957 403 sedan. Aka Ruby.
    1979&81 Suzuki LJ81s.
    1980 Suzuki LJ80V.
    1981 Suzuki SJ40 Sierra.
    2000 Suzuki Jimny.

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