:Hi I have a USED plastic fuel flap for the renault rx4, part number 7700435883.
The coulour is textured grey- plastic not painted.
Where the Hinge slides into the fixture has broken off, I have tried to supa glue- no go, I have tried to place asmall thread screw to fix the slide fixture-no go, cosmetically perfect on outer.
The flap,hinges and spring has wear.
You get 1 Flap,
1 metal Hinge/spring.
1 snapped off hinge slide fixture with a hole in it-(I tried to fix).
1 Hinge mount bracket(onto car)
I recon you could fix this hinge-fuel flap to work by utilising a pop rivett from the outer side of the
flap...................my contact number is 0418270425...my email is- [email protected]- I am in the ACT...the Item is up for good offers, can organise post at cost to buyer -as I say it is a used item that needs repair to function as a fuel flap.
cheers can organise photos send me email.