Wanted: 406/Xantia transmission or bits
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    Default Wanted: 406/Xantia transmission or bits

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have the remains of a ZF4HP20 as fitted to a Peugeot 406/605 or Citroen XM/Xantia with the ES9J4 3.0 litre V6?


    We've got some unpleasant noises coming from ours, and I'm looking to get some parts together before I go and pull everything apart.... particularly a known good torque converter.

    Otherwise, does anyone have a cheap, complete 406 automatic (V6 or 4 cylinder)? Or a cheapish coupe or SV with manual transmission?

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    Default slush box

    What causes these auto boxes to fail so early?

    what would cause auto to drive for 100m then slip out of gear.?
    once engine stopped and restarted ok for 100mm more, (has noise as well)

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    The pump pickup (not accessible) can become restricted and causes the pump to fail. You'd get a loss of drive in that case. Converters can fail too, but the pump is apparently the more likely fault. It becomes very noisy in the converter area as it's at that end of the gearbox. You could be lucky and have just that repaired, but you will have to split the transmission case. It's not necessarily certain that the friction plates will need replacing, but you may not know until you inspect it.

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    I have a manual Xantia gearbox VGC [same as in V6 too] code ML5

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