505 headlight
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Thread: 505 headlight

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    505 headlight

    I'm after a RH headlight for our 505. Chance of 1 in a million, some large stone or rock was dislodged by a truck and hit the light bang in the middle. They are rather expensive as new/original, but heard that Taiwanese replacements are available somewhere. Does anybody know?
    I'm in the far Sout Coast of NSW


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    Yes Taiwanese replacements are available, but I'm not sure who sells them. One or two of the French parts places is Sydney probably stock them, as well as the French ones. I've heard that the glass sometimes falls out of the Taiwanese ones, when you apply the brakes. Some people remove the glass when they buy the light and glue it in firmly with silastic, so that it won't fall out.

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    Be careful when using silicone to glue in headlight glass. Use a non-acid cure type, otherwise the acid can affect the reflector making it dull.

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