need 16" rims/wheels
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    Default need 16" rims/wheels

    Can anyone assist , I have spent hours looking on line to no avail. I would like to find some 16" wheels for my Xantia V6 which are or look French. Everything available from wheel shops looks crap.
    New or used(if they are in reasonable condition).
    I found a photo of some Peugeot wheels (attached) that look just the ticket but they were in Malaysia !
    I don't know where to start looking in Australia for something similar.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails need 16" rims/wheels-tyres-wheels-info-17.jpg  

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    Hi Kuma - There are a number of designs similar to the Pug ones you picture here. Best thing to do is to try some of the search engines that show what's available in the size you need, for your particular car.
    Try here and see if it narrows things down based on your model.

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