Hi, there is an auction on in Inverell (northern NSW) on Saturday which will have 3 203s and a quantity of 203 parts. There doesn't seem to be a catalogue at this stage, so it is a bit "pot luck" on what really might be there. I'm trying to see if there is at least a list.

The stuff belongs to my Aunty. My Uncle was a 203 enthusiast since the late 50s and had collected accordingly (in fact he's the one that got the family into Peugeots).

I have no real idea what might be there but there is at least 1 absolutely complete 1953 203 that was driven and parked 10 or 15 years ago. There are 2 other 203s, one of which may be older (49 or 50). I'm not sure how complete they are. There will also be a collection of parts, maybe some new, but certainly things like gearboxes and diffs etc.

The auction is at the Inverell showground from 10am. The auctioneer is Brian Baldwin and this contact numbers are: 02 67222193 day, 02 67223586 ah and 0427 725 278 mobile.