WTD - Chromed plastic wheel nut covers
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    Default WTD - Chromed plastic wheel nut covers

    Hi Everyone,

    My folks recently purchased a Peugeot 307 (I am not familiar with them) - when I looked at it I thought one of the wheels was missing a wheel nut - closer inspection reveals that all wheels have a 3 normal looking nuts and what I guess is a collar style locking nut.


    If this is the case, I am hoping to buy a few of the hex shaped chromed plastic nut covers (I need 1, plus spares would be good). They do not seem to fit as snugly onto the locking nuts as on the normal nuts, so I assume they sometimes come loose...)

    If you need a picture of what I am talking about please message me.

    PS: If anyone can tell me how you undo the locking nuts that'd be grand to know too. Is there some sort of adapter hidden in a secret compartment somewhere??



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    Hi_Split pin i should have some covers for the wheel bolt, as for the lock nuts there should be a tool in with the jackbox to remove the bolts, if it is missing they are not cheap and need to be ordered by VIN from a dealer. If the tool is there do your folks a favour and take the lock bolts off (they are very easily damaged) and send them to the bin and replace them with standard bolts which i should have as well.

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