I'm cleaning out the shed, and all these used R16 (and one R18) parts are free to good home, provided you come and collect. Otherwise, they go to the tip, sad as it may seem. I live in Brunswick, Vic.

3 tyres, all with good tread:
1 x Kleber 155SR14 (correct R16 size)
2 x Michelin MXV 165/70 R14 (originally for Citroen BX, but could fit R16)


2 R16 wheel rims, one GC, the other rusty

2 complete sets door window glass R16
1 window spring R16
2 wing-mirrors, chrome, R16 original
R16 Door linings, tan colour: both rear (w/o armrest) FC, LH front with armrest but very bent from poor storage
1 VDO dashboard clock, R16, untested
1 ventilation fan, R16, untested

1 set front bumper bar wings, R16/TL (i.e. without cut-out for driving lights), GC

R16 LH rear-light base (no lens), newer shape, GC
R16 LH rear-light lens, older shape, GC

1 R18 radiator, GC

1 glass expansion bottle, R16, GC

1 R16 ball-joint, not sure which, lacks nyloc nut otherwise GC

3 Weber carbies (1 R16TS, 1 R18GTS, one not sure) for parts
Gasket kit for R16 Weber twin-throat carby
Other odd R16 gaskets

Set R16 drive belts

2 front shocks R16 Gabriel Red Ryder, used but GC

1 R12/16/18 jack handle (no jack)

1 Bosch distributor, R16TS, GC, plus extra cap and rotor, used
1 Ducellier distributor 4240, R246D59 (this is R16 but not sure what model)

1 R16 driver's instruction booklet, all there but very poor binding condition

1 R16 roof-rack, home-made but effective.

PM me or give me a call on 0438 536 474