Citroen DS & ID Long Stroke Stuff
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    Default Citroen DS & ID Long Stroke Stuff

    Motor and gearbox parts, all in excellent condition.
    Plenty of new and reconditioned unobtainium stuff, NOS parts.


    High compresion DS type cylinder and piston kit, includes rings, pins and clips of course.
    Complete gasket set to suit ID or DS longstroke 1956 to 1965. French origin
    Water pump fully reconditoned with new impellor, shaft, bearing and seals. New mounting gasket.
    NOS water pump rear mount housing, fits IDs or early DS pre CR,new mounting gasket.
    Excellent working generator.
    1966 Triaxe drive shaft assemblies, rare, very rare.
    1966 Transmission with 5 stud triaxe fittings. Gearbox in excellent condition, no whining. Fit your own manual gearbox top, or buy my BVH top mentioned elsewhere. ( only for sale if engine/ trans assembly does not sell.
    DS19 cylinder head, complete with valves, etc.
    2 x DS19 engine blocks with crank, pistons and liners in place, good condition, both late harmonic balancer type (more hp) engines.
    New timing chain kit and special adjustable tensioner.
    New seals for the harmonic balancer.
    1966 Solex twin throat caburettor with aircleaner hose.
    Aircleaner assemblies, stripped nd primed in two pack.
    The odd alloy sump.
    A set of late clockwork brakes, fully reconditioned, including new pads and converted to LHM. Can be resealed back to LHS if requested.
    BVH actuators and gearbox top converted to green fluid. All cleaned and checked.
    A 1966 4 speed manual gearbox, can't remember the condition.
    A 1966 ID harmonic balancer type long stroke engine fully assembled, painted, with many new parts, complete with transmission mentioned above (the excellent one), perfect clutch, etc, starter motor, petrol pump with priming lever and rod, new engine breather assemblies, engine mounts, exhaust manifold, manfold covers and other bits.
    It is ready to fit except for hydraulic pump ( which is LHM and not included ) and pressure regulator. Does have a new high pressure regulator line for steel reguator.

    Phone 044 888 6596 before 10pm or during the day any time. Email [email protected] or pm me here. Phone prefered, typing is a pain.
    I have other mechanical parts in checked clean condition unless advised otherwise. Please ask exactly for what you want, I'm not a list maker.
    Prices will be reasonable but not giveaway. A change in direction of a project is the only reason these parts are for sale.
    If bought as a bulk lot (a full Safari load easily), could be delivered to Mainland at cost.
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