WTD - Manual Trans Converson for Pug 406 SV (V6)
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    Default WTD - Manual Trans Converson for Pug 406 SV (V6)

    After trying in vein to find a auto trans that has minimum kms, i have finally given up. I am after the bits and pieces to convert my Pug 406 SV (the V6 one) from an auto to a manual. So i am after the manual trans, flywheel, clutch assembly, pedals and cables, and possibly needing a CPU to change over. Can anyone help? or know of a place that is wrecking a 406 SV manual.


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    Default bit more than that

    youll need the manual radiator, dash gauges, console, engine loom, definately the engine cpu, easier if you get a donor car regards fish, we never did find the cruise control, lost that bit, but all else works great.

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